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Novelty Bets – Novelty & Political Betting

Our Aim and Vision for Novelty Bets

At we aim to provide you with up to date information on the novelty bets market, the best bookmakers to use, and help identify potentially good value bets. So you can both have fun and make money from this unique and quirky market. Whether it is Strictly Odds, X Factor Betting, the US Presidential race, Eurovision Song Contest betting or Britain’s Got Talent tips, we aim to be the most up to date novelty betting site around.

novelty betting and political betting

When one thinks of betting what normally comes to mind is putting money on an upcoming sporting event or playing a casino game. Such as blackjack, roulette or poker. However there is another market out there which is becoming increasingly popular.


This is the Novelty Betting market where punters are able to place bets on a variety of non standard events. Such as reality TV shows, upcoming political elections and other much more obscure events. There are also markets for eSports and Virtual Sports.


In general, if there is an event where it is possible to predict the outcome it is likely there is some bookmaker out there that either has or is willing to make a market on it.


The size of the novelty bets markets in some of these events can get into the tens of millions of pounds. So we are talking serious money.

There are two main reasons why Novelty Bets (sometimes also known as Special Bets) are so popular with punters.

  • 1) It gives people an extra interest in an event. For example if you are watching Big Brother (one of the most popular and largest Novelty Bets markets), having a bet on who will be evicted this week or will win the show adds an extra interest element for those watching the show. Giving them a real stake in the outcome, and as a result make the viewing experience that much more enjoyable. I know this from experience as this is the reason I place bets on these novelty betting markets!


  • 2) It provides good opportunities to make profits that might not be available on regular sports betting. This is because the odds are set based in a large part based on subjective opinion. It is much more common for bookies to offer over generous odds which the punter can take advantage of than it is for regular sporting events. It just takes a bit of research. It is quite easy for you to have an edge over the bookie and take advantage of it.

Novelty Bets aims to inform you about what bets are available. Where to place them. Often we’ll provide our tips and strategy for each event. So if its Big Brother betting you’re after. Or you want to check on the latest Eurovision odds and Britain’s Got Talent tips. Or perhaps you’re interested in the slightly more serious political betting such as Brexit odds or the race for  London Mayor. If so, this is the place to be.

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