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Wimbledon Betting Special Markets

Wimbledon Betting Special Markets

With the Wimbledon Tennis Championship due to start on June 27th, our friends at William Hill have launched a number of  novelty Wimbledon Betting Special markets on the tennis championship.

Whilst most people just want to know whether Andy Murray can beat Novak Djokovic again in a grand slam tournament, we just want to know the important things about Wimbledon, like grunting and rain and strawberries

We will keep you up to date on any changes to the below odds, or other Wimbledon Betting special markets offered by other bookmakers as we draw closer to the start of Wimbledon.

  • Any player to be asked to change as clothing does not comply with rules. Will anyone dare to disobey Wimbledon’s strict all white dress code. You can get EVENS on this happening.


  • Any player to be cautioned for excessive grunting on court.  Don’t we love a grunter? Well actually, no we don’t. 8/1 offered on someone getting a caution for grunting too much. My favourite grunter of all time was Monica Seles. Everyone else is just a pale imitation.



  • No Rain to fall at Wimbledon 2016 during play.  In contrast to the above special, you can get 10/1 that there will be no rain delays interrupting play during Wimbledon. This has occurred 7 times in the past, with the last rain free year being 2010. Given the summer the UK has had to date, I would not hold up hopes of it being repeated in 2016.


  • Official caterers for the event to run out of Champagne or Strawberries. I know this would be sacrilege and you can get odds of 33/1 on this occuring. It is expected 28,000 kg of strawberries will be consumed over the fortnight, served with 7000 litres of cream.


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