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Current Affairs Betting- Open Markets

Below is a list  of Current Affairs Betting open markets:

Royal Betting

  • The Royal market is very popular, especially when there is a Royal Wedding or Baby on the way. The next Royal celebration is the Queen’s 90th birthday, which has attracted an interesting market.  Below are a list of current open Current Affairs markets
    • Colour of Queen’s hat
      • This is available via Coral. Favourite is Blue at 4-1. Then comes Yellow at 5-1 and Peach at 6-1. If you are feeling really adventurous you can get 100-1 on (shock horror) No Hat.
    • Who will be next Monarch. Slightly morbid market, as for anyone other than Charles or William to be next Monarch would likely require William’s premature death.
      • Betfair offers odds (under the Special – UK category) of 2-9 on Charles, and 11-4 on William with 12-1 or Other.
      • William Hill have the same market (under TV/Specials) and provide several other named options. Charles is 1-4, William 11-4, George is 25-1 and Harry 33-1
      • Paddy Power also offer this market and have Charles at 2-7 and William at 2-1
    • Kate and William’s next  baby. I know this is a bit presumptuous. That doesn’t stop the bookies!
      • William Hill have a  market on the name of the next baby. Favourites are currently Alice at 8-1 for a girl and Arthur at 12-1 for a boy. Paddy Power also have opened a book on this market with Alice also 8-1 and Arthur at 10/1.
      • Coral have a market on Gender of this (for now) presumptuous third child. You can get 10/11 for either boy or girl. Paddy Power offer slightly less generous odds at 5/6 for either a boy or girl.
      • Coral also offer market on whether the next child will actually be a set of twins or  triplets. The odds for twins are 20-1 and triplets are 150-1 . Probably not worth spending time researching, but I wonder how those odds relate to the random chances of having twins or triplets.
      • Paddy Power have a book on the date of the baby being born.  2016 is Even money. Do they know something we don’t? By my calculation that would mean the Duchess is already pregnant. Shall we expect an announcement in the next few weeks? I somehow doubt it.
    • When will Harry marry?
      • Paddy Power will give you 8/1 on 2016 and 1-25 on 2017 or later.
    • Taking it up another notch, Who will Harry marry?
      • Paddy Power have Cressida Bonas as favourite at 7-2. The last I heard Harry and Cressida splt a couple of years ago, but didn’t William and Kate also split for a short while when they were courting? The bookies obviously like the ex girlfriends as Chelsy Davy is second favourite at 5-1. Cheryl Cole is the rank outsider at 175-1. Stranger things have happened.
    • Will Camilla ever have the title ‘Queen Consort’
      • Paddy Power will give you odds of 6-4 on this happening. Those are quite short odds considering the official word issued by the palace is that Camilla will be known as HRH The Princess Consort.
    • Queen to announce intent to abdicate in 2016
      • Another Paddy Power special, you can get odds of 5-1 on this happening in 2016. Note, to win this bet the Queen would not need to actually abdicate in 2016, just announce that she intends to abdicate.

Next Pope Betting

  • Who will be the next Pope?
    • Paddy Power has a market on this under the Current Affairs category. Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle is the 5-1 favorite.
      • If you fancy a real punt you can put money on Richard Dawkins (after he converts from his arch atheism) at 666-1.
      • You can even get 1000-1 on Bono or Father Dougal Maguire from Father Ted.  Just bear in mind before you dismiss that, Leicester were 5000-1 to win the Premier League!
    • William Hill also have a Pope market. You can get 6-1 odds on Cardinal Tagle.
    • You might have to wait a while for this one to pay out. Pope’s usually stay in office till they die (with the previous pope being an exception when he retired while still alive).

Assange Betting

  • Will Julian Assange escape the UK before 2020
    • Unfortunately while this market is still open, at odds of 1/40 (Paddy Power) saying Yes he will leave, not sure if there is too much money to be made any more here.

Canterbury Betting

  • Next Archbishop of Canterbury
    • Paddy Power have a market on this under the Current Affairs category, with Nick Baines installed as favourite at odds of 4-1.

Nobel Prize Betting

  • Nobel Literature and Peace prizes. The winners to be announced on June 1st
    • Paddy Power have a market on this under the Current Affairs category.
      • Haruki Murakami is favourite for the literature prize at 4-1. Alternatively you can get Katie Price at 100-1!
      • Greek Islanders are strong favourites for the Peace prize at 11-8. Wayne Rooney and Sepp Blatter are available at 500-1.




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