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Goodbye #HiddleSwift: Who is Taylor Swifts Next Boyfriend

Taylor Swifts Next Boyfriend

#HiddleSwift is no more. Which is a shame, because its such a catchy hashtag

The brief but extremely public romance between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston is no more. If you blinked, you may have missed it, but if you’re on twitter you would have seen streams of bizarre publicity photos of Tom and Taylor – or #HiddleSwift to their fans and the fawning media.

Whilst all those Hiddleswifters are mourning their breakup, the serious media are untangling their intense, albeit short, relationship. The Telegraph thinking it newsworthy enough to dissect both the pairing and the psychological theory behind it

Most of us will have gone “full Hiddleswift” at some stage. Maybe we spent our teen years giggling at the engagement rings in the window of H Samuel with our friends when we’d been conducting an entire relationship with the back of a classmate’s head. [Source: The Telegraph. Its a must-read]

Vogue goes one step further and creates a fascinating step-by-step approach to who will win the Break-up PR – suggesting its Swift all the way. Conversely, The Independent are musing over how Tom Hiddleston will get his career back on track

Mark Borkowski, a British PR expert and publicist for more than 30 years, says the split will have little effect on Swift, but Hiddleston’s team will need to assist him in stepping out of the Hiddleswift shadow. Mr Borkowski told the Independent: “In an age where you are an A-lister and you don’t break news of your relationship by doing something so high-profile as being snapped by paparazzi, because A-listers value privacy above all else, they were obviously playing with it for a good deal of time. Then the whole thing unraveled a week before the Emmys. [Source: The Independent. A serious online newspaper apparently]

So what, you may well ask, has all this got to do with betting? Well, the eternally enterprising Paddy Power has jumped onboard the publicity machine that Taylor Swift and her relationships seem to create and have created a market for us to bet on who will be Taylor’s next Boyfriend.

The favourite to be the next beau is Poldark actor and Next James Bond Favourite, Aidan Turner, at 12/1, which may not be good news for his recently revealed girlfriend.

Next in the list is ex-bf, Calvin Harris, whose career is a mix of music, and discussing being Taylor Swift’s boyfriend. The reconciliation is also available at 12/1

A series of One-Direction members and a mix of musicians and actors adorn the list of Paddy Power potentials, who have also included the obscure – a Zlatan look-a-like is available at 250/1, whilst you could put your mortgage on Alan Curbishly if you fancy, at 500/1

Bad taste you may be thinking? You bet.

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