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Bet 365 Review

Bet365 review

Bet365 offer fewer markets than some of their rivals however do have a more global outreach, offering World and European markets not available elsewhere. For example Bet365 currently offer markets on the upcoming Danish and Australian General Elections and on the Norwegian version of Pop Idol.

The odds offered by Bet365 are typically among the best in the business.

At time of writing Bet365 are offering odds on 10 Political events, 6 TV/Cinema events, and 2 miscellaneous novelty events. All these events are displayed under the Specials category which itself is split by Region. This is different to other sites that are typically split into eg Politics, TV, Current Events categories.

Bet365 split their Novelty/Special bets into the following categories in their A-Z list of betting markets: E-Sports, Specials. Virtual Sports

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