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Novelty Betting Markets Guide

Novelty Betting Markets

The novelty betting market is made up of betting options that don’t fit nicely into the usual sports, horse racing and football arena. They can also be called ‘specials’ but in reality, they are usually entertainment or political-based events and markets. On a site, they will be known as novelty bets or special bets. Political betting is sometimes under its own section

Below is a list of some of the different markets that are available

Politics – Novelty Betting

Politics is the largest novelty betting market and actually comparable in size to some of the largest regular sporting markets. It has been growing at an exponential rate. There is no reason to expect that to stop any time soon. A wide range of events, each with multiple betting options are on offer. Such as General Elections, Mayoral Elections, Brexit, Scottish Independence, Next Party Leaders among many others.

For latest Brexit betting odds see our Odds Comparison tables.

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Current Affairs – Novelty Betting

This novelty betting market covers events such as who will be the next Pope, what dog breed will win Crufts, or who will win the  various Nobel Prizes or the Booker Prize etc. It is typical for new current affairs bets to be offered off the back of latest news events. For example following the lead of the Panama Papers in 2016 there was immediately a market on who will resign as a result.

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Television – Novelty Betting

This category is very popular among casual punters who like novelty betting. They bet on the outcome of various reality television shows, award ceremonies and other TV related events. This allows the viewer to have an actual stake in the show they are watching. This can make watching the program that much more enjoyable. These markets all receive a lot of attention from the media as well as water cooler talk at work.

Examples of TV shows that offer betting markets are Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity, the Voice, Strictly Come Dancing, Eurovision Song contest among many others. Popular award ceremonies are BAFTA’s, Emmy’s and BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

For latest best Big Brother 2016 (series 17) betting odds see our Odds Comparison tables.

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Entertainment (Cinema, Music) – Novelty Betting

Similar to the TV Specials  this category is also popular among novelty betting casual punters.

Popular award ceremonies are Oscars, BAFTA’s, Emmys, Golden Globes, Grammy’s, BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Each of which will have markets for each of the main award categories.

Other entertainment related events that can be gambled on include ‘Who will be next Bond’ or Music Charts or ‘Who will be the next member of a popular band to leave’. Among many others. You can even bet on what will happen next following a series ending cliffhanger of a popular show.

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Oddball – Novelty Betting

This category covers those novelty bets that do not neatly fit in any of the other categories. Examples are ‘Name of next Royal Baby’ or ‘Gender of next Royal baby’. You can also bet on whether Aliens will visit earth or other such quirky events. This gives an opportunity for the betting companies to get creative and create talking points. Even if the actual markets are not that large.

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 Alt Sports

This covers 3 sub categories


  1. Novelty Sport Bets. Those novelty bets that relate to sporting events but not directly to the actual contest. An example would be during Wimbledon. You can bet on the number of times the TV cameras will show Andy Murray’s wife on screen during one of his matches. You will find plenty of sports novelties throughout the year. On the betting sites these markets will be within the relevant section for the related sport rather than in the Novelty Betting section.
  2. eSports. These are multi player online gaming competitions. Developers would organise tournaments in order to create an interest in their game. This snowballed into a fully fledged market with merchandising, media rights, professional participants etc. The market has seen exponential growth. By 2015 the eSports market had revenues in excess of $325 million. This is expected to continue to grow significantly. The prize for winning the League of Legends championship is $1 million.
    1. Where there is a competition, with a winner and loser, there inevitably has been an opportunity for a betting market. This has grown alongside the growth of eSports itself. In fact it is actually outpacing it! eSports now contributes a significant and increasing revenue stream for those betting sites that offer it.  Popular eSports markets include League of Legends, Dota, Starcraft.
  3. Virtual Sports. These are electronic computer generated games that replicate the real thing. The advantage of virtual sports is that they are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. With new events starting every few minutes. Also instead of waiting for example 90 minutes for the result of a real football game, a virtual football game will be over in 90 second. They are available in a wide range of sports such as horse racing, football, greyhounds, tennis, cycling, speedway, motor racing.

Unlike real sports with virtual sports there is no form guide on which to base your betting decisions. The only indication are the odds. With the favourite most likely to win. In fact while the favourite will win more often than the second or third favourites etc, they will not win all the time. The key to success in this market is timing and backing the favourite at the right time. In this respect it is similar to playing a slot machine, though in my opinion more fun!

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