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2016 Weather Betting specials

Summer 2016 Weather Betting

Enjoying the weather? Think you can beat mother nature at her own game and predict whats going to happen this year? Well where there’s an event , there’s a betting opportunity and the weather is no different. Especially the UK weather. Weather betting has always made a good news story, both the Summer and of course, the Winter

This Summer always brings out article upon article about the sun and often the rain. Whilst the heatwave in 2013 was the third hottest on record, in fact, the last GREAT heatwave, back in 2003, gave the UK the hottest day on record – soaring to 38.5C (101.3F).

This Yahoo article gives a great summary of 5 of the biggest heatwaves in the last 100 years pre 2014.

The hottest day is often in the month of July but can straddle into August and William Hill offers 13/8 on this happening in 2016 and 7/4 in August.

William Hill also gives odds of 12/1 for the 2003 hottest day to be broken this year.

Current William Hill Weather Bets:

UK Mainland Temperature to reach 100f in 2016   6/1

UK Record Summer Temperature (38.5c) to be broken in 2016  12/1

What Month will have the Warmest Day in the UK in 2016?

June                                 4/1
July                                  13/8
August                             7/4
September                     5/1
October-December   66/1


Paddy Power looks at the UK summer in more general terms and offers bets looking at the driest, warmest or wettest Summers on record. Paddys also offer 5/4 for the highest temperature in the UK to be 36C or more this Summer

Current Paddy Power Weather bets:

Highest temperature in the UK to be 36 Degrees or more in 2016   5/4

UK to have the Driest Summer on record   6/1

UK to have the Warmest Summer on record     4/1

UK to have the Wettest Summer on record    9/1

UK to have 30 or more consecutive days without rainfall   10/1

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