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Who Wants to Bet on Donald Trumps Manhood

Donald Trumps Manhood

As a public service to all you novelty betting lovers, we publish below a list of the most oddball  markets currently available online. Prices are all true at time of publishing. We will be updating this list on a regular basis.

  • Trump’s Manhood
      • Don’t we just love Paddy Power. This actually became a genuine discussion point during one of the official debates, where it was claimed there is a correlation between the size of a man’s hands and the size of their manhood. It was alleged that Trump had small hands, but he made very clear that he has nothing to worry about in this respect (Variety wrote about this earlier this year).

    • For the avoidance of doubt, this market applies to the size of Donald Trump’s manhood when ‘standing to attention’.  Bets will be void if it is not revealed by end  of 2016 (and I will offer of 1-5 that that will be the case).
    • Favourite is 7.01-8 inches at odds of 9-4, with second favourite being 9 inches or more, at odds of 3-1.
  • When will Alien life be proved
    • Paddy Power offer odds of 25-1 that this will be proved in 2016.If not discovered in 2016 though, PP give up hope in the next few years with odds of 100-1 for each of 2017, 2018 and 2019. However PP are confident Alien life will be proved at some point as they offer 1-100 odds for any time after end of 2019. Read our article here
    • For this bet to be settled the sitting president of the USA would need to make a statement confirming the existence of Alien life without any doubt. I wonder what would happen to the odds if Trump becomes president?
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