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Lump on that 100/1. Alien Life Might Exist!

Does Alien Life Exist?

Its one of the age old questions and subject of numerous movies. Are we really alone in the universe or do the Little Green Men exist?

Paddy Power are challenging you to take a bet that alien life will be proven. To  pay out, they stipulate that the President of the USA must announce it. To be more specific

Settled on the sitting President of the USA making a statement confirming without doubt the existence of alternative, intelligent life beings from another planet (bet here at Paddy Power)

But Alpha Centauri is catching the eye of some scientists as the place to look, most specifically, NASA scientist Eduardo Bendek. He reckons that, according to data, Alpha Centauri has an 85% chance of having a habitable earth-like planet.


Bendek says there are three reasons Alpha Centauri holds the attention of researchers. For one, its binary star system “duplicates the probability of finding a habitable world.” The stars are far apart from one-another (like the distance of Uranus from the sun) and pretty stable, so the local habitable zone is roughly twice the size of the one in our star system. The second reason is that both of those stars are quite similar to our own sun — with very similar masses and brightnesses. “They are a lot more friendly to life” than other stars are, says Bendek.

The third reason is the simple one. Alpha Centauri, in galactic terms, is right next door. We can actually get there within a generation. (source:

It’ll only cost about $100 million to get the ball rolling. In the meantime, Paddys are making those 100/1 odds look less alien and more attractive. Kind of .

Nanu Nanu.


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