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Labour leadership election: Latest Opinion Poll & Betting Odds

Labour leadership election: Latest Opinion Poll & Betting Odds

In the latest Opinion Polls, Jeremy Corbyn appears certain to win the Labour Leadership contest, with the result being announced on September 24th. The YouGov polls shows  57% of eligible voters say they will cast their vote for Corbyn, with 35% supporting  Owen Smith and 8% not yet decided. Removing the Undecideds would give a 24 point lead to Corbyn with 62% vs Smith at 38%. In the Labour Leadership contest held in 2015 Corbyn received 59.5% of the vote, so this would represent an enlarged mandate for Corbyn.

Analying the data is shows Corbyn has the support of full members where Corbyn has the support of 52%, registered supporters where 70% support Corbyn and trade unions where 54% of affiliates state their support for the current leader.

When asked if Corbyn has been doing a good job 57% say that he is, while 41% say he is not. Even the recent Traingate furore has only had a small impacy with 11% saying they are more likely to vote for him as a result and 20% less likely.

For those that stated they would vote for Corbyn, 56% say they believe he can win the next general election. Only 33% of Owen Smith supporters think Smith can win the next general election. This is despite Owen Smith’s main platform being Corbyn not being electable.

Labour Leadership Latest Betting Odds

If you follow the betting markets, the chances of Jeremy Corbyn staying as Labour leader are as strong as they have ever been, with Owen Smith’s odds lengthening markedly.

The best odds available on Corbyn are now 1/8 via BoyleSports. Conversely the odds on Owen Smith have lengthened to 8/1 via Betfair. In a 2 horse race, that is telling you there is only one winner in it.

Labour Leadership Election Betting Odds Comparison Table

See below Odds comparison table comparing the odds for the leading candidates. Click the Odds to take you directly to bookmakers site.

If you are a new customer you can take advantage of Free Bet offers.

Jeremy Corbyn1/661/501/501/33*1/200
Owen Smith16/112/111/110/120/1*
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