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US Presidential Election – Polls show Trump Lead. Clinton still betting favourite

US Presidential Election – Polls show Trump Lead. Clinton still betting favourite

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have now both officially secured the Republican and Democrat nominations respectively and the Conventions are complete. Now is a good time to take a look at the impact on the opinion polls which show Trump lead, and the latest betting odds which show Clinton still betting favourite.

Reviewing the latst opinion polls, the big news is that for the first time they are showing Donald Trump has a clear lead over Hillary Clinton. Taking the last 15 polls, carried out since July 20th, Trump has leads in ten with Clinton leading in four and one neck and neck.

Taking the average of these polls gives Donald Trump 45.6 percent and Hillary Clinton 44.7 percent.

The betting markets still have Clinton as the strong favourite. She is available at best odds of 4/9, with Trump best odds of 7/4. In a two horse race, that still makes Clinton a very strong betting favourite.

While Hillary is still the strong favourite, the momentum seems to still be in Trump’s favour, and momentum has been Trump’s friend from a year ago when he was 100/1 to win the Republican nomination. If and when this is reflected more closely by the betting odds, only time will tell.

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Does this mean that Trump is set to be become President and punters should jump onto him at 7/4? No and Yes. We believe there is still room for further movement in the betting odds in Trump’s favour, however in the end Clinton will prevail due to Trump not having any hope of attracting key voting groups such as women or Latin Americans, in the numbers he needs. Clinton’s own unpopularity is one of Trump’s biggest assets but not enough to mean that he will ultimately win the election.

See below latest US Presidential Election Betting Odds.

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Hillary Clinton2/111/61/62/111/71/5*2/11
Donald Trump4/14/14/15/1*9/27/29/2

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