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US Presidential Betting: Trump’s betting odds lengthen considerably

US Presidential Betting: Trump’s betting odds lengthen considerably

Following a series of controversies, gaffs and perceived own goals,  Trump’s betting odds lengthen considerably on his becoming the next President of the United States of America.

The best odds available on Trump are now 7/2 via BoyleSports out from 7/4 a little more than a week ago. The best odds available on Hillary Clinton are now 3/10 via William Hill

This dramatic drift in Trump’s betting odds began with the controversy when he inferred that Ghalzal Khan, the mother of an American Muslim soldier who was killed whle serving the country, was not allowed to talk by her husband at the Democrat National Convention due to her ‘reduced status as a female’ who should be seen and not heard as per Muslim tradition.

This insinuation was met by criticsm from all sides of the political spectrum. There is one thing to criticise Muslims and other ethnic minorities, you cross the line when it relates to a soldier who died while serving in the United States army.

Trump has also been reticent in endorsing fellow Republicans (eg Paul Ryan and John McCain) despite prior promises that he would.

Then he makes a comment which  suggests that Gun Owners , worried about their second amendment rights under a Clinton administration, could take up arms to protect those rights.

There has even been speculation that the Republican party will still try to push Trump out of the contest and replace him with someone else. Looking at the betting market, and the implied odds, they indicate a 10% chance of this occuring.

This is all now being reflected in the latest opinion polls, which currently on average show Clinton on 49% and Trump on 39%. A few weeks ago, just after the Republican convention these same polls were showng it almost neck and neck.

Obviously this can all change as we enter into the Debate season, the first of which is scheduled for September 26th. But it seems certain the Trump will be starting from the position of underdog which, if nothing else, is at least something he is used to.

See below latest US Presidential Election Betting Odds.

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Hillary Clinton2/111/61/62/111/71/5*2/11
Donald Trump4/14/14/15/1*9/27/29/2

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