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Steve Davis Retirement Specials

Steve Davis Retirement

Following Steve Davis’s surprise retirement (the surprise to me was that he had not retired about 10 years ago), BetFred have created a series of  specials to mark this milestone in the history of snooker (and also no doubt due to their sponsoring the BetFred World Snooker championship) . The specials are available via the TV Shows / Specials category. Click Novelty and then Steve Davis specials.

Available Steve Davis Specials are

  • To be Knighted by end of 2016
    • Odds are 8/1 that it will be Sir Steve Davis by the end of the year.
  • To have a No. 1 hit as a DJ
    • Odds are 50/1 that Steve will succeed in this unlikely endeavour
  • To appear on Strictly Come Dancing
    • At odds of 7/2 this is the lowest price of all the available specials
  • To be next James Bond
    • OK, now they are stretching things a bit. Odds are 1000/1, which is lower than you could have got at the beginning of the season on Leicester winning the Premier League. Just saying!
  • The World Snooker final being decided on a black ball finish
    • The odds on this unlikely event repeating itself are 100/1
    • This commemorates the famous 1985 final where a record BBC2 and post midnight audience of 18.5 million watched Dennis Taylor beat Steve 18-17 on the final black ball.
  • To become an MP
    • At 66/1, this is deemed more likely than a Black Ball finish but less likely that Steve having a No.1 hit.

Of all these bets, I would actually take the ‘To be Knighted by end of 2016’ at 8/1 as perhaps the one that is genuinely a real possibility and the odds are reasonably attractive. Take that as a recommendation, though don’t bet your house on it. 

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