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BGT Semi Final 3: Performers, betting odds, tips & predictions

Latest news, predictions and preview of Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent Final, can be found by clicking this link (published on May 27th)

BGT Semi Final 2: Show review

Another Semi Final, and another surprise. Overall another show that proves no-one, especially the bookies, really knows who will win. It was a much better standard of show than Semi-Final 1, but we still get the feeling things should be a bit more outstanding. Hopefully the producers are just saving the best till last.

Despite Another Kind of Blue being the second favourite to win the Britain’s Got Talent, they only came 4th in the Semi Final, after some luke warm feedback from the judges, especially Simon.

Instead Wayne Woodward won the night. Rachael Wooding was the pre-show favoured singer, so it was a surprise, especially given Wayne was second in the running order. Traditionally this is often meant to be a  disadvantage to the contestant.

Then out of the blue Alex Magala won the judges vote, against Shannon & Peter.

As it happens Shannon & Peter were our 6-1 prediction to qualify for the final, so we are gutted the judges went with the death defying sword swallower. But at least we were in with a fighting chance, after Semi Final 1, where our pick didn’t even get into the top 3. This season, the show is probably the hardest it has ever been to predict. So many of the pre-show favourites have failed and winning acts are coming from betting anonymity to qualify.

On to BGT Semi Final 3, where hopefully we can finally get our act together!

BGT Semi Final 3: Performers, betting odds, tips & predictions

For the latest best betting odds see our Odds Comparison tables (either click link or scroll to bottom of this article). These compare the best odds available on the market for (a) Overall Britain’s Got Talent Winner, (b) Who will qualify from BGT Semi Final 3 and (c) Who Will Win BGT Semi Final 3.

We list below who will be performing in the third semi final, including their YouTube video to remind you of their act. We also include our views on each act and prediction on who will get through to the Final.

Remember, two acts from each Semi Final go through to the final on Saturday. The top act as voted by the public automatically goes through to the final. The second and third acts as per viewing public votes will be presented to the judges who will decide which to put through. If judges are deadlocked then the act with the second highest number of votes will go through.

Predictions for BGT Semi Final 3

The standout performer tonight should be Richard Jones, if the bookmakers are to be believed. The mind reading magician is the 5-2 favourite to win Britain’s Got Talent 2016. And we are not going to quibble. His audition was a great act. There is a danger that he will try to over do it in the Semi Final and it will fall flat, as it already has for a few of the favoured contenders this year. But we don’t believe it will, and predict that Richard will win Semi Final 3.

In terms of second and third places, we think Jack Higgins could be a bit of a dark horse in this semi-final. With Shannon and Peter just failing to get through and dance acts not really making the grade, Jack Higgins could yet be a shock outsider for a top 3 position.

The other act joining Jack is probably between Boogie Storm and Morgan Connie Smith. On balance we think the pre publicity that Boogie Storm received as Simon’s Golden Buzzer act, should be enough to see them into the top 3. When it comes to the judges we think Boogie Storm will just about edge Morgan, due to their not being a singing act which already has three of the four finalists to date.

So our prediction is Richard Jones and Jack Higgins to progress from BGT Semi Final 3.

Betting Tips for BGT Semi Final 3

We really fancy ballet dancer Jack Higgins to do well in tonight’s show. He has a number of factors working for him. The background story (bullied at school, just like the fictional Billy Elliot), at the perfect age to get the mothers vote, and genuinely very talented. Yesterday ballet dancers Shannon & Peter only just failed to get through to the final, and today could be payback time. We predict Jack will be the beneficiary, and advise backing him to qualify at best odds of 5/1 with Ladbrokes.

We even have a small feeling that Jack could win the evening. You can get 25/1 on that happening with William Hill, and we are putting a small amount on that. We will include that in our list of betting tips, given the odds we believe are over generous (the next best currently on offer are a more realistic 16/), though we appreciate this is a long shot.

Betting tips

Back Jack Higgins to qualify for Final at current best odds of 5/1 with Ladbrokes.

Back Jack Higgins to win Semi Final 3, at current best odds of 25/1 with William Hill


Acts in BGT Semi Final 3

Boogie Storm, Flying Bebop, Jack Higgins, Josh Curnow, Khronos Arogia, Morgan Connie Smith, Richard Jones, Vadik and the Bear, Zyrah Rose.

Boogie Storm

 Boogie Storm were Simon’s Golden Buzzer, though we are not entirely convinced he is bought into them. Will the dark side take over in Semi Final 3? We actually do not think they will. They are fun once, a second time I think they could get quite irritating. Can Storm Troopers remain funny and good the second time?

Flying Bebop

Another dance act. This time with drones. Another good and quirky act, but we’re not sure they have the mass appeal of a Diversity-style group to get through to the final.

Jack Higgins

Jack is only 14, and gave a wonderful ballet performance in the audition. This real life Billy Elliot surely has a good chance to get through to the final and we actually fancy might have a chance to even win the Semi Final. Much will depend on where the producers place Jack in the running order.

Josh Curnow

Josh is another singer. Good voice, but for us not anything special, and we would be surprised to see him go further in the competition. However, there’s always a chance he could blow our socks off like Wayne Woodward. We’ll watch with baited breath.

Khronos Agoria

Yet another dance group. Are they good enough to be remembered? Can you even pronounce their name?

Morgan Connie Smith

If Morgan performs to her potential then she is a top 3 contender. However based on Morgan’s audition where she showed her nerves, we fear that on the night she may not quite live up to expectations. Three of the four finalists so far have been singing acts. Does Morgan have what it takes to make it a fourth? Lets see.

Richard Jones

After the BGT 2015, where a magician was runner up, could a very good mind reading magician win the 2016 edition? The bookmakers think yes, as they have made Richard the standout favourite. However they also had Another Kind of Blue and Kathleen Jenkins in the top 5, and look at what happened to them. However we do not think the same fate will befall Richard and expect him to progress to the final as winner of Semi Final 3.


Vadik & The Bear

And finally we come to the joke act of tonight. What are the odds on the dancing bear finishing in last place? There’s also a clown, which will probably scare 50% of the viewing audience

Zyrah Rose

This group have good vocals, but as Simon said in his feedback following their audition, they need to show a bit more personality. Do they have what it takes? I’d be surprised if they got top 3, but the British public does have a tendency to like girlbands (Little Mix springs to mind) and if they get their song right, they could be an act to watch out for.

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