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Eurovision Final Review / Betting Results

Eurovision Final Review & Betting Tips Results

So the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 is over. Following a lot of analysis, speculation, predictions we have the results, and boy did we have an exciting, and profitable, end to the evening. See below our Eurovision Final review.

After Australia appeared to be running away with the contest following with the announcement of the Jury votes, we had the most exciting, and to be honest slightly confusing, final results when the Televotes were allocated and the contest turned on its head.

Australia only came 4th in the Televotes, and the Ukraine were able to overturn a 110 point defecit from the Jury results to end up winning by 23 points and pushing Australia into second place. Russia ,the pre-contest odds on favourites, ended up third having won the Televotes but done poorly from the Jury votes. The most bizarre results were Poland. They were second last after the Jury votes with 7 points, but third in the Televotes with 222 points!

Betting Tips Review

Which brings us to the Betting Tips and Predictions from the Novelty Bets teams. We actually did pretty well. As reminder, here were our tips below and full article here.

  1. If you do not yet have an account with either Coral or BoyleSport back Russia at enhanced odds of 10-1
    1. Click here for Coral
    2. Click here for BoyleSport
  2. France to come in Top 5 from Betfair Exchange at 2.34
  3. In the Winner w/o Russia market back Ukraine at 7.2 with Betfair Exchange
  4. In the ‘To Finish Last’ market back Germany at 9-2 with Betfair.

First lets deal with the incorrect Eurovision 2016 Final Betting Tips.

  • Tip 1. We had recommended taking advantage of free bet offers from Coral and BoyleSports by putting £5 on Russia with each of them. That obviously did not work out. It should be pointed out though that anyone who took up this bet will still get a £5 free bet as part of the conditions, so there are no losers here.
  • Tip 2. We had also recommended betting on France to come in Top 5, which they failed but only by 4 points ending up 6th to Sweden. So close but no cigar.

But we were correct in our other two Eurovision 2016 Final betting tips

  • Tip 3. We had predicted that the Ukraine would win (without Russia). As it happens they also won even with Russia, but that doesn’t matter, the bet is still a winning bet. We published tip when Ukraine were 7.2 with Betfair Exchange, which is the equivalent of 6-1.
  • Tip 4. We also predicted Germany would come bottom and they did. We also spotted a market  anomaly, as at the time of publishing the betting tip, you could still get them at 9-2 from Betfair.

Overall Eurovision Final Review

Had someone placed £10 on each of the Eurovision 2016 Final betting tips,  (and we placed a lot more – without giving away exactly how much!!), you would have ended up with net winnings of £85, plus £10 worth of free bets. That is an 212% return on the evening. Not bad !!!

So we think a collective tap on the back is due. Let’s hope we continue our success as we go into Britain’s Got Talent, Big Brother and Brexit season!

Thanks for joining us on our Eurovision 2016 journey. We look forward to coming back via the Ukraine in 2017!

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