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Live Show Week 2 of The Sparkling Show aka Strictly Come Dancing

Week 2 of The Sparkling Show aka Strictly Come Dancing

Here’s our week 2 review of the Live Shows of Strictly Come Dancing from our brilliant Guest Blogger,  LoveYouBud


Tess stunning and Claudia scrubbed up very well for a change.

Have our celebrities upped their game? One celebrity will be hanging up their dancing shoes this weekend.

Ore and Joanne Cha Cha in a Firefighting Theme will they be “Relighting the Fire?” Smooth and easy to watch just not sure he’s my hot stuff. 20/1

Claudia and AJ dance the Waltz, can it be slow and sophisticated? Elegant, yes slow and yes sophisticated, the sweet story was told and Claudia delivered, very romantic. 10/1

Next to come the lovely Will and Karen dancing to the Jive can they jitter that bug. Will the sweetest sweetie rocking around the clock, fast, fun and quirky. Perfect, loved it, awww bless him he thinks hes pulled a muscle. 9/1

Lesley and Anton dance the Cha Cha will the Latin dance be the one for her. Lesley the perfect tease and Anton the perfect gentleman, love their characters, love them bringing the story to life, actually great chemistry between them both. Think Lesley is the best dancer that Anton has had. Easy to watch and a really lovely fun performance. 100/1

Greg and Natalie, all eyes on him as they dance the sexy Tango, will their movement, posture and frame be perfect. Will Greg “Jump” into next weeks show and the answer is most definitely yes. Strong and powerful, his poker face was romantic and the nerves did show. A standing ovation to top the dance. 16/1

With only 4 celebrities that have danced so far, the class of 2016 have upped their game, this year’s Strictly will be tough to call the winner.

Tameka and Gorka dances the Charleston a fun funny seaside dance. I love Tameka, game for a laugh and not afraid to laugh at herself. The best dance so far of the night for me, absolutely brilliant. 100/1

Laura and Giovanni dance the walking on a air Waltz to Alicia Keyes. Romantic from start to finish.  Elegant with beautiful posture, check me out sounding like I know what I’m talking about. 14/1

I’m the fifth critical judge!

Melvin and Janette dance the Tango to a hotel theme.  Just who do you think you are with this red dangerous dance. Will Melvin be Moving on up to next week, I think he will be and nothing will stop him. Fun and fast whilst still seductive and great posture with a sturdy frame.

Louise and Kevin dancing the Vienesse Waltz, will Louise decorate the dance floor with the spins. Louise is so elegant on the dance floor, her lines and ability to learn and dance is stunning.  Such a beautiful, flawless dance with a standing ovation too. 4/1

Anatascia and Brendon dancing the Salsa dancing to Fleur East. A little wooden maybe because of her previous injury but still fast and furious but facially very funny. 100/1

Ed and Katya dancing the Charleston with a banjo. Character is everything for this dance, can he deliver a cheesy camp performance. Why did Ed Balls agree to this? He has definitely entertained the audience with this dance, he showed fun behind the serious façade, without a doubt his facial expressions show he is having an absolute blast. The audience went wild for Ed. 100/1

Naga and Pasha dance the tango to Tina Turner. Naga looked a little uncomfortable but looks amazing, started well and sways her hips to the music well, not sure if the tango suited her. 50/1

It’s the judge, gotta say I do love him. Robert and Oksana dance the Foxtrot (American Smooth), Bring on the facial impressions but the Charlie Puth song was a perfect song for this dance. The judge definitely got it on for this act. Very camp but very good and a great chemistry with the sweetest of story that’s been told through the dancing. 8/1

Daisy and Aljaz dance the Cha Cha very latino. Sassy, sexy and fun, excellent dance, really, really enjoyable. 12/1

Yes the last but not the least is the hunky Danny Mac and Oti 2/1

Dancing the Vienesse Smooth. Brilliant Story, brilliant dancing and full of drama and sex appeal.

Louise Redknapp deserves to be the top of the leader board, she has class, dignity and grace.

To say I’m shocked at Melvin being the first out of Strictly is an under statement but here’s to next week!

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