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BGT Betting Odds, tips & predictions – Final

BGT Betting Odds tips & predictions –  Grand Final

To find out where you can get the best available BGT betting odds see our Odds Comparison tables (either click link or scroll to bottom of this article). This will be live updated through the weekend.

BGT Semi Final 5: Show review

So all the Semi Finals are over and we know who our finalists are.  At least, we know the 10 that went through via the semi finals. We still have the wild card, where all third placed acts have a chance to get through to the final. The viewing public have  been voting and there are two places available.

We are glad to say that we correctly predicted both acts that went through from Semi Final 5, albeit we expected Jasmine to win and Craig to come second. Another pat on our back for us. That is the second day in as in a row that we have correctly predicted the two acts to get to the final. We are obviously not so bad at this predicting lark. Let’s see if we can do it again for the final.

BGT Wild Card

The wild card choices have been announced.

The judges wild card is Shannon & Peter.

The viewing public’s wild card is Trip Hazard & Lucy.

Both are through to the Final on Saturday. Congratulations to them.

Predictions for who will win Britain’s Got Talent 2016

As a reminder, the finalists are Richard Jones, Beau Dermott, 100 Voices of Gospel, Wayne Woodward, Jasmine Elcock, Craig Ball,  Boogie Storm, Balance Unity, Alex Magala, Mel & Jamie. Plus two Wild Cards, who will be added when officially known.

We are going to go better than just predict who will win. We are going to tell you the order they finish up

In reverse order…………

12) Mel & Jamie

While we love Mel and Jamie, we have to admit they are probably the weakest of all the finalists, and arguable the most surprising act to get to the final.

11) Alex Magala

Well deserved to get to the final, with his death defying act, but we do not think he expected to get to the final, hence might not have the spectacular act he needs in order to do well in the final.

10) Boogie Storm

They are good fun, but as a dance act they seem to us to be more of a novelty act, than the most talented dancers in the competition

9) Balance Unity

His Semi Final performance was very good but not a step up from his audition, and we believe it was his sheer popularity that got Balance into the top 3 and ultimately into the final. We do not believe this will sustain Balance into a top half place in the final.

8) Shannon and Peter

The public put Shannon and Peter through as their wildcard so they’re already in their hearts. It was a surprise they didn’t make it through their heats and whilst we’ve only put them at number 8 it really wouldn’t surprise us if they get top 3. Obviously its all down to how everyone does on the night


7) Trip Hazard and Lucy

The wildcard entry that made the UK fall in love with another dog. And this one’s really cute. But will another dog act win the overall competition? We’re not sure. This year is really competitive and Trip and Lucy is really going to have to put out all the stops to get close to the number 1 spot


6) Jasmine Elcock

We actually loved her semi final performance, which was really strong, but Jasmine still did not win her Semi Final. In the final she will inevitable be compared to Beau Dermott, and we fear will come out second best.

5) Craig Ball

He did really well to win the fifth Semi Final with a great act. However we feel we have now seen what he can do, twice, and unless he pulls something truly different and original out of the bag, he will not win the show.

4) Wayne Woodward

Such a talented performer. Great singer, with a personality that makes him stand out. It is only the standard of the other performers that will prevent Wayne finishing higher up in the standings.

3) 100 Voices of Gospel

They gave the standout performance of the early semi finals. We just don’t think they will win the overall competition, due in part to their not being a trully British act, with only 1 member of their group being a Brit. We fear that ultimately will be held against them.

2) Richard Jones

The magician is the hot favourite for the show, but we believe this will be a repeat of 2015, when a magician also finished second. Nothing against Richard. He is amazing. It’s just that we do not think he will get as many votes as the act we think will win BGT 2016.

1) Beau Dermott

We originally saw this 12 year old singer  in the first episode of the season and she stood out then as possiby being THE star of the season, and nothing has happened since to change our minds. Beau is a real star in the making and has all the attributes and qualities to be a BGT Winner. Which is what we expect to happen.

BGT Betting Odds & Tips

Finally, we come to our betting tip for the evening. We will keep it simple. Put all your money on Beau Dermott to win Britain’s Got Talent. At time of writing the best odds you can get on Beau are 5/2 with Betfred, Bet365 and Paddy Power. We expect these odds to shorten as we get closer to the final.

BGT Betting Odds Comparison Table

See below Odds Comparison table (* indicates best available odds). This will be live updated through the weekend

Click on BGT Betting Odds to take you directly to bookmaker.

Richard Jones8/116/56/51/1
Wayne Woodward2/15/25/29/4
Beau Dermott4/16/27/15/1
Boogie Storm12/17/16/110/1
Jasmine Elcock16/110/16/18/1
Craig Ball50/133/140/140/1
Trip Hazard & Lucy50/133/140/133/1
100 Voices of Gospel 20/140/140/140/1
Alex Magala66/150/140/166/1
Shannon & Peter350/1100/1100/1100/1
Balance Unity250/1100/1250/1125/1
Mel & Jamie350/1100/1300/1200/1
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