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BGT Semi Final 1: Performers, betting odds, tips & predictions

Latest news, predictions and preview of Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent Final, can be found by clicking this link (published on May 27th)

BGT Semi Final 1: Performers, betting odds, tips & predictions

So all the audition shows are over and the Britain’s Got Talent Semi Finalists have been unveiled. Now we can get down to business and the live shows with BGT Semi Final 1 on air at 7:30pm on Sunday.

For the latest best betting odds  see our Odds Comparison tables (either click link or  scroll to bottom of this article). These compare the best odds available on the market for (a) Overall Britain’s Got Talent Winner, (b) Who will qualify from Semi Final 1 and (c) Who Will Win Semi Final 1.

We list below who will be performing in the first semi final, including their YouTube video to remind you of their act. We also include our views on each act and prediction on who will get through to the Final.

Remember, two acts from each Semi Final go through to the final on Saturday. The top act as voted by the public automatically goes through to the final. The second and third acts as per viewing public votes will be presented to the judges who will decide which to put through. If judges are deadlocked then the act with the second highest number of votes will go through.

List of Acts in BGT Semi Final 1

Richard Bayton, Spartan Resurrection, Kathleen Jenkins, Total TXS, Mel & Jamie, Ystrad Fawr Dancers, Ben Blaque, Darren Altman, 100 Voices of Gospel,

Overall Predictions for BGT Semi Final 1

We think it is highly likely barring unforeseen circumstance that Kathleen Jenkins is going to win the first semi final. The best odds you can get on that occurring are  4/11 offered by William Hill. (earlier in day 1/2 was available)

While not quite money in the bank, we think those are odds worth taking, as she is so far ahead of the other contenders in terms of background story, exposure on the audition shows etc.

The question is who will join her.

We have narrowed the contenders down to 100 Voices of Gospel, Darren Altman, and Mel and Jamie.

We fear the viewing public will vote both of the singing acts as second and third, which would actually mean singers fill the first three spots. While we like all three acts, this is a variety show, and it really doesn’t work if only singers progress to the next round.

If that does happen, then we think the judges will vote Mel and Jamie through to the final, as they have a more emotional connection to the audience.

If however Darren Altman can sneak it into the top 3, and we hope he will, then we think he has a good chance as the judges will want variety in the final. Coral have him at 7/4 doing so (earlier in the day the best odds were 9/4 from Bet365). If you agree with us, it might be worth putting some money on this. There certainly was value when odds were 9/4 when bet initially recommended. Less so now

Our predictions are therefore, Kathleen Jenkins and Darren Altman to qualify for Final.

Our Recommended Betting Tips are:

Back Kathleen Jenkins to win BGT Semi Final 1 at odds of 4/11 offered by William Hill

Back Daniel Altman to qualify for Final from BGT Semi Final 1 at odds of 7/4 offered by Coral

BGT Semi Final 1 Acts (Sunday May 22nd show)

Richard Bayton

Flamboyant singer from York who performed song medley while dressed in a Union Jack shirt. Unlikely to get through to Final

Spartan Resurrection

Game of Thrones with Crash Mats. That was how this Trampolining gymnastics act were described by Amanda Holden. Edge of your seat performance, but we don’t feel it quite has what it takes to get to the final.

Kathleen Jenkins

Now we get down to serious business. Kathleen wowed everyone with her rendition of Wild Horse (which previously was also associated with Susan Boyle who herself did a great performance of this song). The Welsh singer received a standing ovation and won the hearts of the audience and the nation. For us she is the favourite to win the semi final, and we would be very surprised if we did not see Kathleen in the Final.

Total TXS

Dance group, did well in the auditions, but we feel there are better dance acts in the competition, which will end for Total TXS in the Semi Final

Mel and Jamie

This mother and son act from Wales were the last to be shown in the audition stage. Originally Jamie auditioned as a solo act, but got the jitters and only agreed to go through with the audition if his mother, whose job is to sing at care homes,  joined him. We really liked this performance, and believe it has a chance of getting into top 3. The problem for Mel and Jamie is Kathleen is likely going to win the first Semi Final, and we feel unlikely the judges would pick a second singing act to go through to the final. This is a variety show after all. Sorry Mel and Jamie.

Ystrad Fawr Dancers

Another Welsh act, they are a a Ballroom dance troupe with a distinctly Latin flavour. They did well in their audition, but did not wow us at Novelty Bets and we don’t believe they will survive tonight’s show.

Ben Blaque

Now this was a scary act, involving a crossbow, a pretty girl, a blindfold, an apple and Simon Cowell. Suffice to say the arrow did go through the apple. While a familiar type of act (I’m sure I remember something similar on previous Got Talent seasons) it had the danger factor and was memorable. Depending on what he comes up with tonight, Ben might have a chance of a top 3 place.

 Darren Altman

We loved this impressionist who delivered a wide array of amazing impressions and was very funny to boot. With the demise of the Mimic Men, who surprisingly did not get through to the Semi Finals, we believe Darren definitely has a top 3 chance, and given he isn’t a singing act a good chance of going through to the final.

100 Voices of Gospel

This is Alecia’s Golden Buzzer act, and she will be sure to champion them on the show. A gospel choir (their name is a clue, you guessed it they have 100 singers in the choir) they stood out on their audition show and certainly have a good top 3 chance. The question is whether they would then be chosen by the judges. I don’t know. One thing gong against them is they are not a British act, with only one of the 100 singers in the choir coming from the UK. Ultimately that might be what costs them.


Odds Comparison Tables

See below Odds Comparison table (* indicates best available odds). Click on Betting Odds to take you directly to bookmaker.

Overall Britain’s Got Talent Winner

Richard Jones8/116/56/51/1
Wayne Woodward2/15/25/29/4
Beau Dermott4/16/27/15/1
Boogie Storm12/17/16/110/1
Jasmine Elcock16/110/16/18/1
Craig Ball50/133/140/140/1
Trip Hazard & Lucy50/133/140/133/1
100 Voices of Gospel 20/140/140/140/1
Alex Magala66/150/140/166/1
Shannon & Peter350/1100/1100/1100/1
Balance Unity250/1100/1250/1125/1
Mel & Jamie350/1100/1300/1200/1

To Qualify from Semi Final 1

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To Win Semi Final 1

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