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BGT Semi Final 2: Performers, betting odds, tips & predictions

Latest news, predictions and preview of Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent Final, can be found by clicking this link (published on May 27th)

BGT Semi Final 1: Show review

So Semi Final 1 is done, and before we get onto BGT Semi Final 2, we review the first semi final, and what an interesting show it was. I use the word ‘interesting’ advisedly, since with the exception of 100 Voices of Gospel, the standard of performance was not that high.Kathleen Jenkins in particular performed way below how she did in her audition and deservedly did not make it to the final.

Though we do think she stands a good chance of getting a wild card space, her chances of winning the competition are gone. And she was third favourite to win! Just goes to show each act is only as good as how they perform on the night.

We didn’t think Mel and Jamie were much good either, and it is a shame that two singing acts went through, but unfortunately Darren Altman did not perform on the night, committing the cardinal sin of doing impressions that leave the audience thinking ‘who was he doing an impression of there?’

Reviewing our betting tips, we backed Darren to get to the final and Kathleen to win the night, neither of which were successful. Let’s hope we do better in the second semi final!

BGT Semi Final 2: Performers, betting odds, tips & predictions

For the latest best betting odds see our Odds Comparison tables (either click link or scroll to bottom of this article). These compare the best odds available on the market for (a) Overall Britain’s Got Talent Winner, (b) Who will qualify from BGT Semi Final 2 and (c) Who Will Win BGT Semi Final 2.

We list below who will be performing in the first semi final, including their YouTube video to remind you of their act. We also include our views on each act and prediction on who will get through to the Final.

Remember, two acts from each Semi Final go through to the final on Saturday. The top act as voted by the public automatically goes through to the final. The second and third acts as per viewing public votes will be presented to the judges who will decide which to put through. If judges are deadlocked then the act with the second highest number of votes will go through.

Predictions for BGT Semi Final 2

In terms of who will get the most votes from the viewing public, we believe it come down to a battle between Another Kind of Blue and Rachael Wooding. A lot will depend on which act gets the all important pimp spot at the end. It worked for the Gospel team in Semi Final 1 and against Kathleen Jenkins. We think the same will happen in Semi Final 2. On balance we believe that Another Kind of Blue will win the day.

That would leave Rachael Wooding and one other to fight it out for the judges vote. The second act to join Rachael will be either Shannon & Peter or Wayne Woodward.  We hope and think it will be Shannon & Peter. And we hope that the judges would then put Shannon & Peter through to the final. But this is a tough one. We are nowhere near as certain as we were for Semi Final 1, and we go that one wrong!

So our predictions are, Another Kind of Blue and Shannon & Peter through to the final.

Betting Tips for BGT Semi Final 2

After having been bitten yesterday, when Kathleen Jenkins failed to qualify for the final from the first semi final, we are NOT recommending backing  ‘Another Kind of Blue’ to win Semi Final 2. The best odds you can get are 8/15. Given anything can happen on the night, we do not think it worth backing them at that price.

We do however thinks Shannon and Peter have a good chance of qualifying for the Final, and at best odds of 6/1 from William Hill, it is worth taking the punt. If you want to follow this tip, we would advise doing so quickly as the price offered by William Hill is likely to narrow given they are 4/1 or even better with the other main bookmakers.

Betting Tip: Back Shannon and Peter to get to final at odds of 6/1 from William Hill.

Acts in BGT Semi Final 2

Alex Magala, Ian and Anne Marshall, Wayne Woodward, Another Kind of Blue, Garnett Family, Mythical PSM, Rachael Wooding, Shannon & Peter, Vitaly Voronko,

Alex Magala

This act is the one that sent viewers scurrying behind the sofa. Probably the most dangerous act ever on BGT, this sword swallowing act will live in the memory for a long time. One wonders how he is going to top it. In a funny way, we can not wait to find out. We believe this act fulfills the variety brief, and has a good chance of a top 3 place, and to go to the judges decision.

Another Kind of Blue

This is a great dance act, that combines dance, animation and technology to mesmerise the audience. For us, this is the standout act of the evening and we hope it justifies it favouritism and gets the automatic place in the final for winning Semi Final 2.

Garnett Family

A family singing group, lead my mother and her 3 young daughters. Mum was the standout performer in the auditions and it will be interesting to see if they can follow up. After Semi Final 1 when the singers mostly disappointed, once does fear if the Garnett Family will do the same. They have a chance for a top 3 place, but with 2 singing acts going through in Semi Final 1 we don’t believe it will be the Garnett Family’s night.

Ian & Anne Marshall

This is David’s golden buzzer act, though once feels that he only hit the buzzer to wind up Simon. They are a fun couple that everyone will love but noone will honestly want to see them again. We should be saying goodbye to them tonight.

Mythical PSM

Dancers Miguel, David and Stephan were a joy to watch, with their mix of comedy and great dance. This could be an act to look out for. Will very much depend on whether the act  they perform in the semi final can top the audition.

Rachael Wooding

Rachael is a great singer. Probably the best in the competition, and she is sure to perform well tonight. She is one of the competition favourites. However there has been some backlash due to her having already had a successful professional singing career in theatre and acting career on television. She is also up against ‘Another Kind of Blue’ which could make it though for Rachael to win the night. She should however get to the top 3 and then it will be up to the judges. Given 2 singing acts have already gone though from the first semi final, Rachael may struggle to get the judges vote.

Shannon & Peter

Middle aged married couple, Shannon and Peter,  gave a moving and sensuous performance in the auditions and deserved to get through to the semi finals. However we have seen them before in the Sky show Got to Dance, where they got to the final. Will they be able to do the same in BGT? Perhaps, but we think they will probably just miss out on a top 3 place.

Vital Voronko

Not sure how this act got into the Semi Finals. He plays the accordion, not very well, and we don’t see his attraction even as a joke act. He definitely gets our buzzer and not of a golden variety.

Wayne Woodward

Wayne is only 20 years old, a Danny Dyer soundalike, and gave us a Susan Boyle moment of shock when we heard his amazing rendition of Frank Sinatra’s ‘The Way You Look Tonight’.  We are intrigued to find out how he does in the Semi Finals, though do not think he will get further. But this is one act where we would love to be proved wrong.

Odds Comparison Tables

See below Odds Comparison table (* indicates best available odds). Click on Betting Odds to take you directly to bookmaker.

Overall Britain’s Got Talent Winner

Richard Jones8/116/56/51/1
Wayne Woodward2/15/25/29/4
Beau Dermott4/16/27/15/1
Boogie Storm12/17/16/110/1
Jasmine Elcock16/110/16/18/1
Craig Ball50/133/140/140/1
Trip Hazard & Lucy50/133/140/133/1
100 Voices of Gospel 20/140/140/140/1
Alex Magala66/150/140/166/1
Shannon & Peter350/1100/1100/1100/1
Balance Unity250/1100/1250/1125/1
Mel & Jamie350/1100/1300/1200/1

To Qualify from Semi Final 2

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To Win Semi Final 2

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