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BGT Semi Final 5: Performers, betting odds, tips & predictions

Latest news, predictions and preview of Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent Final, can be found by clicking this link (published on May 27th)

BGT Semi Final 5: Performers, betting odds, tips & predictions

For latest best betting odds see our Odds Comparison tables (either click link or scroll to bottom of this article). These compare the best odds available for (a) Overall Britain’s Got Talent Winner, (b) Who will qualify from BGT Semi Final 5 and (c) Who Will win BGT Semi Final 5.

BGT Semi Final 4: Show review

As expected Beau Dermott was the star attraction sailing into the final, and giving her a very real chance of winning the overall competition. She is second favourite with the bookmakers (best odds of 3/1 with Betfred at time of writing) and I would not  be surprised if she was not favourite by the time we get to the final. Especially in light of a small tabloid backlash against Richard, where it is suggested the trick was performed a few years ago by another magician on America’s Got Talent. Richard does not deny it, but says that is the nature of magic, where tricks are constantly evolved.

In second and third place were Balance Unity as expected and  Tumar KR which was a big surprise. As it happens of these two acts, on the night’s Tumar KR’s performance was probably better than Balance’s which lacked some of the originality and humour of this audition. However the judges unanimously voted to send Balance Unity through to the final. Well done Tumar KR for running Balance so close.

In terms of our predictions, we correctly predicted that Beau and Balance would get through to the final. So pat on the back for us. We had thought Collaborative Orchestra would get into the top 3, but while they received great feedback from the judges, as perhaps expected they lacked the suprise factor of their original audition and as a result failed to connect with the voting public.

Predictions for BGT Semi Final 5

We do not see any reason why Jasmine Elcock will not be able to repeat the success of Beau Dermott and storm her way to the final by winning this heat. The only thing we see going against Jasmine is that Beau got there first, and the viewing public may not be so keen to support another young girl singer. But we believe that Jasmine’s amazing voice, perhaps even better than Beau’s will allow her to win through.

We expect impressionist Craig Ball to come second. He is by far the most talented and funny impressionist in this year’s competition. Has a great personality, very likeable. The audience and viewing public will warm to him and this should translate into votes, as long as he puts it all together on the night.

For third place, for us it is a toss up between the Presentation School Choir and Chloe Fenton. We call Chloe to come third. She is  cute, and likeable that she will melt the hearts of enough people to get into the top three.

However we then expect the judges to vote Craig Ball through to the final.

So prediction for BGT Semi Final 5 is Jasmine to win, and Craig to progress to the final.


Betting Tips for BGT Semi Final 5

We really do have a strong feeling that Chloe Fenton will get to the top 3. She is 28-1 to qualify for the final with Bet365. While we fear she might not quite get from top 3 to final, we still feel it worth a shot at what we think are over generous odds. If you are active on Betfair Exchange, we expect you should be able to close out the bet for a nice profit (that is our plan!)

Betting Tip: Back Chloe Fenton to qualify for final at 28-1 with Bet365, with view to closing out for profit assuming her betting odds shorten.

Acts in BGT Semi Final 5

Jasmine Elcock, Davros Deep Space Deviants, Ana and Fia Almanda, Elite Squad Royalz, Chloe Fenton, Craig Ball, Lucy and Trip Hazard, The Togni Brothers, The Presentation School Choir

Jasmine Elcock

We know, another cute young talented singer. Haven’t we seen it all before? Like yesterday with Beau Dermott? Yes we have, and while there is a risk of burn out, we think the British public have an insatiable appetite for this sort of act and will vote Jasmine straight through to the final.

Davros Deep Space Deviants

As you may have gathered, we are not great fans of these sort of joke acts, due to their having taken a place away from genuinely talented performers. Having said that, this act is so ludicrous, that it actually quite entertaining, and we don’t expect it to come bottom tonight. But we also don’t expect it anywhere near the top 3.

Ana and Fia Almanda

Very good singers, but we have already voted Mel and Jamie through, and it is too much to expect to vote through another very similar act.

Elite Squad Royalz

Very entertaining, this act might do better than people expect (it is a long shot according to the bookies) but not well enough for top 3.

Chloe Fenton

Now this ia a cute and talented girl. Her infectious personality should melt the hearts of the UK viewing public, which might be enough to propel her to a top 3 place.

Craig Ball

The most talented and original of all this year’s impressionist acts, this stands a real chance of getting to the final.

Lucy and Trip Hazard

A dog act. All very good, and if we had never seen one before, we might be saying top 3 potential. However, we have already had 2 dog acts win this competition, including last year with all the controversy that went along with it. We don’t expect Lucy and Trip Hazard to do the same or even get to top 3.

The Togni Brothers

I’m sure we saw this act on holiday in Tenerife a few year’s ago. Good, but not the kind of entertainment that will wow the viewing public into voting them into the top 3.

The Presentation School Choir

This act is a contender for the final. Very talented choirs always go down well with the viewing public, and we would not be surprised to see this one in the top 3 with potential to even get to the final.

Odds Comparison Tables

See below Odds Comparison table (* indicates best available odds). Click on Betting Odds to take you directly to bookmaker.

To Win Semi Final 1

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To Qualify from Semi Final 1

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Overall Britain’s Got Talent Winner

Richard Jones8/116/56/51/1
Wayne Woodward2/15/25/29/4
Beau Dermott4/16/27/15/1
Boogie Storm12/17/16/110/1
Jasmine Elcock16/110/16/18/1
Craig Ball50/133/140/140/1
Trip Hazard & Lucy50/133/140/133/1
100 Voices of Gospel 20/140/140/140/1
Alex Magala66/150/140/166/1
Shannon & Peter350/1100/1100/1100/1
Balance Unity250/1100/1250/1125/1
Mel & Jamie350/1100/1300/1200/1
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