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CBB 2016 Betting Odds & News

CBB 2016 Betting Odds & News

So we have had the launch night of Celebrity Big Brother.  The leaks were correct and we were able to correctly predict ALL the housemates that were entering the house. The only exception were Dog the Bounty Hunter star Beth Chapman who apparently was axed a few hours before launch night due to visa problems, and Ab Fab star Helen Lederer for reasons yet unknown.  Throughout the series we will be bringing the latest CBB 2016 betting odds & news.

To help, below is a list of all this year’s housemates, in the order they entered the house, with a brief bio, our thoughts on how they will do in the show, updated based on their first few days in the house, and their latest CBB 2016 betting odds and where you can get the best prices (updated August 1st).

CBB Line Up / Bio / Betting Odds

  • Biggins was the first to enter the house. He was also chosen by the British Public (or at least those that had downloaded the new CBB app) to be the House Boss. He thinks that means he has been given sole power to nominate housemates for eviction. In reality the boot is on the other foot and the task is for the other housemates to get him to nominate them in order to be immune from the upcoming nomination. We alrieady know Biggins is popular with the public having won I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here, and he has a very good chance of similar success in CBB, hence his being installed as the favourite.
  • Saira Khan – Loose Women and former Apprentice star. Perhaps a little to straced lacced and serious for the public’s liking. Has cettainly been annoying some of the younger HM’s, though that may work in her favour, especially given that some mayperceive her as having been bullied in the house.
  • Frankie Grande – Professional reality TV contestant and dancer from the USA, though probably best known for being pop superstar Ariana Grande’s half-brother. Has previously been on the US version of Big Brother, which should stand him in good stead. We can see him becoming a star of the UK version, though also has the potential to being very irritating.
  • Ricky Norwood – Ex Eastenders star who left the show under scandal after being caught on webcam taking part in sex act. Has not done too much to date in the show. Keepin a low profile. That will only work for so long.
  • Renee Graziano – We are not sure how the Mob Wive’s star will go down with the British audience. She seems tough and abrasive. Perhaps a little too abrasive. Will definitely be one of the more interesting of this years housemates. The main talking point she has raised so far is her super enhanced bottom. Either something to admire or ridicule You choose!
  • Marnie Simpson – Geordie Shore star. The show has seen 2 previous CBB winners (Scotty T and Charlotte Crosby) and Marnie could stand a good chance of making it a hat trick as long as she reigns her behaviour in. Was doing very well until the incident with Zaira where she pretended to apologise to her for an argment they had only to make fun of her as part of a childish truth and dare. Cannot imagine that going down well with the public.
  • James Whale – Controversial radio show host. Not sure of his motivation for being on the show but does not come across as very likeable which will put him at risk on a show like CBB. Having said that, as he stands up to the kids in the way they have been treating Zaira that may help James build up a following, in the same way as Jim Davidson did in years gone by. We do see an upside with James, reflected by the betting odds which have somewhat improved for him.
  • Aubrey O’Day – Multi talented US singer /songwriter and reality tv personality. A very strong personality, sure to rub some housemates up the wrong way. Could be one of the stars of the 2016 line up, though ultimately will not be a winner with the British public. To date has not done anything of note in the house, except to jeapordise the secret boss task by being not very subtle in a conversation with Biggins where she asked for a kiss immediately after he had been told to kiss someone to show he had chosen them for eviction (or immunity in reality).
  • Stephen Bear – Reality TV star from Ex on the Beach, knows how to play the reality TV show game, which should help him to progress in the show, though with Scotty T winning the last CBB, we think the public will be looking for something slightly different this year. He also doesn’t have the same wit and charm as the likes of Scotty T. Not realy a likeable character. We now think he has a good chance of being the first housemate evicted.
  • Katie Waissel – Former X Factor contestant (she came 7th) and ‘failed’ pop star, is something of an unknown quality in terms of her public personna vs what she is really like. Possibly will go on the biggest ‘journey’ in the show which should help get her votes. Could go either way, but might be a possible contender to win if all the stars align. Has not done alot of note to date in the show. Floating under the radar only works for so long.
  • Lewis Bloor – Another reality tv specialist having been on TOWIE. So also knows how to play the game. That plus his good looks has him a good prospect to get to the final. Whether he has the personna to win it is another matter. Of all the youngsters he is possibly the most likeable, and we see him improving in the betting odds.
  • Grant Bovey – As well he knows, he is best known for being Anthea Turner’s ex husband. He is also a film producer by profession. We are not sure if the British public are too interested in getting to know him better, and therefore he is likely to be one of the first housemates evicted.
  • Chloe Khan – Chloe is another former X Factor contestant, though nowhere nearly as successful as Katie. Also known as Chloe Mafia she has also made her name in the Adult industry. Unless she reveals a tender likeable side to her, she migth struggle to get far in CBB.
  • Heavy D – What can we say about Heavy D (AKA Colin Newell). He will either be the most popular or the most annoying CBB housemate ever. Probably a bit of both. The Storage Wars UK star, who says ‘Boom’ every couple of sentences, in the same way as that Big Brother housemate from 2015 said ‘Showbiz’ all the time. It didn’t work for Showbiz, will it for Heavy D? The verdict after the first few days is he is veering on the annoying side.
  • Samantha Fox – There really isnt any need to introduce Samantha Fox. The most famous of all the page 3 girls, is looking to endear herself again with the British public. She comes across as honest and likeable and given the affection the British public have had for her in the past and how she probably the most famous of all this years lineup (with possible exception of Biggins) she stands a good chance of gaining enough followers to go far in this years show. Her betting odds have significantly improved since hte launch show, so she is certainly a contender to win.

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