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Semi Finals Strictly Recap

Strictly Semi Finals Review

Here’s the latest Strictly Come Dancing Review by our brilliant guest blogger LoveYouBud

Week 12 and four celebrities left for this week’s semi final, it’s make or break for our celebrities.

Tonight it’s a double dance and only 3 will make it too next weeks final.

Louise and Kevin start of this week and dance the Tango, fantastic routine, loved every minute of it, energetic and happy.

Danny and Oti dance the Salsa, off to a fast, hip swaying start, love the spins and sexiness of their dance together with their electric chemistry.

Claudia and AJ dance the Rumba, seductive, sultry and romantic very sweet but needs more attitude.

Ore and Karen dance the Quickstep. This dance certainly lives up to it’s name, the steps were very quick. Loved it from start to finish, a great dance. The energy and focus was there.

Louise and Kevin dance their second dance the Samba. Love it, comical with a romantic fun, flirty flair.

Danny and Otis dance their second dance the American Smooth. Full of emotions, smooth quality and completely focused, stunning elegant dance.

Claudia and AJ for their second dance, dance the Quickstep. Happy and smiley, easy to watch and so enjoyable.

Ore and Karen for their second dance, dance the Argentine Tango. Full of sassiness and attitude, very sexy, seductive and sultry routine.

Bye Bye Claudia and AJ

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