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Week 10 Strictly Come Dancing Recap

Week 10 Strictly Come Dancing Recap

Week 10 of Strictly Come Dancing 2016 with only 6 celebrities left all wanting to win the glitter ball.

With edition of the Cha Cha challenge and two dances to learn no one can be complacent. Every mistake will be noted and maybe Mr Balls will be out this week.

I think Claudia looked nicer than Tess this week, now that’s a shocker!!!

Danny and Oti kick off this week dancing the Samba, its Carnival day on the dance floor, although for me the music was too boring. Danny shakes his abs and hips. Fast and furious, pure sex appeal on the dance floor, storming start this week, wham, bam thank you ma’am. Total 40 AMAZING 4/5

Ore and Joanne dance the Pasedoble, love the drama and the dramatics, truly, truly brilliant, fierce challenging. Loved the stylish and originality of the dance. Just modern and perfect, very clean cut and perfect attitude. Total 36 14/1

Louise and Kevin dance the Waltz, wow Jamie, Jamie, Jamie now that’s worth being romantic for! Louise is pure class and elegance, that Waltz was sweet and so very romantic, effortless their style together. A true breathtaking dance. 2/1

Loving these 10’s this week, all very very deserving points!

Judge and Oksana dance the Rumba, the dance of love. The story behind the dance, the little lost boy is taught to dance and smile through the beautiful song. The chemistry between Oksana and Judge Rinder is shown on the dance floor, their connection is a true friendship. Such a lovely dance although the judges didn’t agree 40/1

Ed and Katya dance the Tango back in the ballroom. Ed is a male model, give me strength, let’s hope he’s off the catwalk

Claudia and AJ dance the Argentine Tango, amazing from star to finish, full of compassion and sparkle. Breathtaking, incredible and powerful performance. 12/1

A Strictly’s first Cha Cha Challenge, all 6 celebrities on the dance floor at the same time, they need to dance for the whole of the music, no lifts are allowed, good footwork and hip action and scores at the end of the dance. All scores will be added to their original score.

Well deserved win for Louise and Kevin for the Cha Cha Challenge

YES, YES, YES goodbye Ed Balls

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