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Week 8 Strictly Review

Week 8 Strictly Come Dancing Recap

Here’s our latest Strictly Come Dancing Review, reviewed once again by our fantastic guest blogger, LoveYouBud

It’s Strictly Come Dancing 2016

Week 8 and only, yes 8 celeb’s left, who is your favourite, who do you want to see lift the glitter ball?

Loving Tess’s “Lady in Red” dress just not too sure who dresses Claudia and why they don’t dress her better.

With only one dance away from Blackpool who stays and who says goodbye, only 7 can go through.

Daisy and Aljaz open the show and dance the Salsa, a lot of groove in the house as Daisy shimmers and shakes, fast and thoroughly enjoyable.

Greg and Natalie dance the Pasedoble, it translate to which two step in Spanish. Greg becomes our sexy matador, his suave and sophistication only adds to his sexy two step dance. Sultry, Romantic and oozing sex appeal leaves the audience wanting more with a standing ovation to finish the dance. 33/1

Judge Rinder and Oskana dance the Foxtrot a quick, quick, slow dance. Will the judge impress the jury? Robert Rinder never lets us the audience down with his quirky tender facial impressions. A lovely, sweet dance, beautiful hold and footwork. He is definitely my guilty pleasure on the dancefloor. 16/1

Ore and Karen and the Rumba a passionate and well choreographed dance, sexy and seductive, romantic and passionate. 8/1

Ed and Katya dance the Salsa to Gangnam Style, I’ve no words but it’s definitely Ed Style.  The lift I held my breath and Katya I take my hat off to you, so much fun and I didn’t cringe once, so very entertaining and well deserved standing ovation. Ed will most definitely be at Blackpool next week. 25/1

Claudia and AJ dance the Vietnese Waltz. Just stunning with very fluid movements, beautiful and elegant. 7/1

Danny and Odi dance the Argentine Tango, full of passion and intimacy, fast and furious. Love from start to finish and lifts were amazing and the swagger and attitude were full of tension. 6/5

Louise and Kevin dance the American Smooth, very charismatic, sultry and romantic, very enjoyable watching them dance and make it look so easy. Their chemistry shows through their dancing. Truly spectacular from start to finish. 5/2

Congratulations to Ed Balls see you in Blackpool and bye bye Daisy


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