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X Factor Song Choices and Betting

X Factor Song Choices

As we move into the business end of this years X Factor, the biggest story remains Honey G’s ascent from absolute 100/1 outsider to, amazingly, 13/2 joint third favourite

Love her or hate her, she’s probably the only contestant thats really stuck her identity on the show, as Matt Terry often slips in blandness, Saara Aalto doesn’t really know who she is, Emily Middlemas has suffered from bad song choices and 5 After Midnight can’t always correct their wobbly performances. As for Ryan Lawrie, the poor chap is consistently in the bottom and is now 8/15 to leave this weekend

This weekend, its a movie theme, which usually means choose any song you like, because most, at some point, have been on a soundtrack.

Honey G will be singing ‘Getting Jiggy With It’ (try to find that on a soundtrack somewhere. Good luck) mixing it with Jason Nevin’s ‘Its Like That’

Emily Middlemas will be attempting Roxette’s ‘It Must Have Been Love’ from Pretty Woman

Saara Aalto will be competing to oversing Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from Titanic

5 After Midnight has gone for ‘Try a Little Tenderness’

Matt Terry plumps for Sam Smith’s ‘Writing on the Wall’

And finally, Ryan Lawrie, bizarrely, is going for the Elvis Presley classic ‘Jailhouse Rock’


X Factor Elimination Odds

Matt Terry11/86/56/45/4
5 After Midnight4/59/44/65/6
Saaro Aalto13/22/113/25/1

X Factor Winner Odds Comparison Table

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