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Strictly Week 4 Review

Strictly Week 4 Review

Another week, another fantastic Strictly Come Dancing recap, reviewed once again by our brilliant guest blogger, LoveYouBud

Strictly Week 4 minus Will Young,  such a shame that he’s decided for personal reasons not to carry on with his dancing experience.

No, No, No what are Claudia and Tess wearing, its just NO!!!

First up is Greg and Natalie as they dance the Salsa, will they “Wrap it up” with all 10’s… Very Greaseesque, where’s Sandy and Danny when you need them. Fast moving, very entertaining and fun even with Greg gyrating his hips and spinning Natalie around. 16/1

Laura and Giovanni dance The Quickstep, very jumpy and bouncy, a fun song and an enthusiastic dance. Not my kind of music but the rhythm was definitely there. BOOM!  33/1

Anastacia and Brendon the first Rumba of the series, Romantic and passionate, great chemistry between them both. Just loved it 100/1

Claudia and AJ dance the Foxtrot, real men do wear pink. Lovely hold and footwork, very in tune with each other, slow and sweet. What a cute couple they make. 15/2

Why do Tess and Claudia try so hard to be entertaining when reality is they are very cringeworthy and embarrassing!

Yay Ed and Katya dance the Pasedoble to a Bonnie Tyler tune. Maybe best to watch from behind a cushion. Oh Lordy, whose keeping him in? Please let this be his last week. So wooden… bye bye Ed. 100/1

Naga and Pasha dance the Charleston, will Naga be sinking or swimming to the next weeks show. I love Naga and Pasha, their routines are fun and very entertaining, their facial expressions are just fantastic. Pertfectly choreographed.

Louise and Kevin another one of my favourites, dancing the Foxtrot, Louise and Kevin are a dream to watch, I could watch her all day, their chemistry on and off the dance floor is electric, their movements are identical. Technically clean and engaging, perfectly gorgeous. 6/1

Danny and Oti dance the Quickstep can Danny conduct the orchestra and get a full house with his scores. Just pure class, entertaining and Danny delivered an outstanding performance. 5/4

Daisy and Aljaz dance the Rumba the second of the series now. Sultry and seductive, romantic and passionate although Daisy could loosen up a little bit in my opinion. 16/1

Judge Rinder and Oskana dance the Vietnasse Waltz, fun and exciting and his facial expressions did not let us down. 20/1

Lesley and Anton dance the Charleston, her energy and stamina is to be admired. Anton has found a great partner with Lesley, she’s the best he’s ever had. Very thigh slapping and so fast and enjoyable, quirky and happy. Go Lesley 100/1

Ore and Joanne dance the Jive outstanding and so fast, show stopping, mouth dropping, full of energy, just absolutely brilliant. 4/1

Tess looks stunning and Claudia looks like she’s rolled out of bed or in fact ready to jump back in.

How can that be possible that Ed Balls is through, whose voting for him 😉

Another shocked week, personally I thought Naga and Pasha had the edge


See you next week xx


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