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Strictly Week 5 Review

Its week 5 and time for our review of the latest Strictly Come Dancing, reviewed, as ever, by our brilliant guest blogger, LoveYouBud

Strictly Week 5

Strictly Come Dancing Week 5, how did that happen so quickly!


Hope you’ve all had a good week and are ready for the tough training in the ballroom with the twists and turns.


And we’re off


It’s week 5 and both Claudia and Tess look really nice.

Brendon has been replaced with Gorka to dance with Anatascia, wishing Brendon a speedy recovery.

With 11 celebrities left who will pull out the stops and stay and who will go.


The Judge is first with Oksana dancing the Quickstep, no one can beat the judge’s facial expressions, he needs a 10 just for them. I love him, he’s so energetic, fun and quirky dance, very easy to watch. Even with his star jumps and hips wiggling. A well deserved standing ovation, 29 a good start! 33/1


Lesley and Aton dance the Tango, will Lesley become Mystic Meg and see all 10’s? Romantic and fantastic chemistry, moving in perfect sync, I’m liking Lesley, very dramatical and fun, just brilliant.


Yummy Greg and Natalie dances the Cha Cha, love, love, love these two, such a great song. Dance is full of energy, sass and sexiness. Just brilliant, fast moving and a proper party dance. 33/1


Anatascia and Gorka, dances the Quickstep, think I prefer him to Brendon, really nice and sweet dance and their chemistry showed through the dancing another standing ovation. 200/1


Louise and Kevin dance a tender, emotional Rumba, seductive and sultry introduction. These two have the most amazing chemistry, really, really loved it. Very romantic and meaningful. 8/1


Next up is Ed and Katya doing the American Smooth, slightly wooden but humorous and choice of song isn’t the best. Ed think your time maybe nearly up, who has the balls to get rid of him. 150/1


Ore and Joanne dance the Waltz. Boring song but romantic dance and very strong posture and perfect feet positions. Another breathtaking dance and a standing ovation. 11/4


Daisy and Aljaz dance the Charleston. Daisy is always full of smiles, entertaining, fast, energetic, quirky, fun and happy hands. 25/1


Poor Laura and Giovanni injuring her ankle so on doctors orders she off resting for this week. 66/1


Danny and Oti the Rumba poised and ready to go. Very seductive and romantic, such a sexy, smooth dance. First male to perform the Rumba on Strictly, strong and masculine performance. Evens


Claudia and AJ dance the Samba. Fast, intense and very energetic, yet another standing ovation on the strictly dance floor. 9/1


Who’s out this week…..


Tess and Claudia look good tonight, all 10’s to their stylists


Whose voting for ED BALLS?


I’m gutted for another week that Lesley and Anton are out.


Have a good week xx


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