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Strictly Week 6 – Did it Frighten You?

Strictly Week 6 Review

Here’s our latest Strictly Come Dancing Recap, reviewed once again by our brilliant guest blogger, LoveYouBud


Week 6 of Strictly and it’s fright night bring on the ghostly and ghoulish night

Tess and Claudia look stunning

Touching note with the opening song ‘You Spin me round” a song made popular by Pete Burns, sympathy to his family.

10 Ghoulish Stars remaining

Louise and Kevin kick off the show dancing the chilling Charleston as Louise becomes Harlee Quinn and Kevin is the joker. LOVE IT, quirky, fun and humorous. Standing Ovation brings their story to an end. 7/1

The Judge and Oksana dance the Pasedoble as butterflies, he’s very addictive to watch, their attention for detail is fun and the judge always give 100%. A seriously serious enjoyable dance, full of drama  and definitely a dazzling performance. 33/1

Claudia and AJ dance the American Smooth, animated, full of smooth moves, spins, very dignified, classy and sweet. Excellent foot work and body contact.  10/1

Anastasica and Brendon dance a fast pace Jive as bats. Sadly I’m not Brendon’s biggest fan but that was very fast and full of energy, impressive strong performance.

Danny and Oti dance the frightful Foxtrot, truly the perfect partners, their connection and routine was outstanding and the easiest performance to watch.  11/10

Laura and Giovanni dancing the Tango, plenty of passion, seductive and sultry. Just beautiful and spookily sexy  40/1

Ore and Joanne dance the Halloween Charleston, a very fast and intricate dance. Just a brilliant performance, full of quirky fun moves, loved the comical aspect.  11/4

Greg and Natalie dance the Rumba, such an easy couple to watch, flawless and romantic. Energetic and spell binding, strong and masculine performance. LOVED IT  18/1

Daisy and Aljaz dance the Pasedoble, just love their make up.  For me I found the dance really boring and too serious for a Halloween performance or maybe it the song that just doesn’t do it for me but the audience loved it with a standing ovation as they brought the dance to life.  50/1

Ed and Katya become the mad scientists in this week’s Halloween Cha Cha, please let this be his final week, I can’t take him serious. He’s so wooden and actually looked quite camp this week. Not sure if he’s counting his steps or actually singing the song but the audience loved it!  100/1




BYE BYE Anastascia and Brendon


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