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Walking Dead Negan Betting Special: Who did Negan kill?

Negan Betting Special: Who did Negan kill?

Following the series 6 season finale of The Walking Dead, William Hill have been quick to open a ‘Negan betting’ market (available in the TV Specials category) on who was killed by Negan at the end of the episode when he viciously bludgeoned one of the show’s characters to death with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

When the book first opened Rosita was made the 11/8 favourite with Glen second favourite, but since then a lot of money has been put on Glen who is now joint favourite with Rosita at 2/1.

The only clue we have received so far from show insiders is that the victim was a character ‘much’ loved by fans.

The show is based off the Comic Strip, but doesn’t always follow it. However, in the comics it was Glen who was killed by Negan, which is one of the main reasons he has been backed.

Who do I think Negan killed?

I obviously do not have a clue, but do have a funny feeling that it isn’t Glen. That would just be too easy and obvious. Also he was ‘killed’ off in the mid series finale only to come back, which would all be wasted if he were killed off just a few episodes after that.

I do however believe it is is someone very close to Glen. I’m sorry, but my money is on it being Maggie who was killed. I know she was pregnant and all, but I believe the show runners will want to create a shock and awe moment and killing off Maggie, pregnant with Glen’s child, would certainly do that, and turn the whole series on its head. I know in the comics Negan has a code that would prevent him killing an innocent woman, but this is the TV version and not the comics.

At odds of 16/1 it might be worth a small punt.

An interesting article providing speculation on each of the potential victims and  can be found at Candidates for Negan’s Victim

The latest odds for the ‘Negan Betting’ market are:

Glen 2/1

Rosita 2/1

Abraham 3/1

Aaron 7/2

Eugene 4/1

Michonne 10/1

Daryl 12/1

Maggie 16/1

Sasha 16/1

Carl 25/1

Rick 33/1




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